Thursday, April 4, 2013


It may seem as though I have dropped off the blog world after only a few post. That is only because I dropped off the blog world after only a few posts. It's mostly because the purpose of this blog has been accomplished. No thanks to the blog, but hey it was fun to write. About a week after my last post, I got a job writing for an internet marketing company. Which is huge. At least from this perspective it feels huge. When I committed to being a nerdy English Major, all I wanted to do was write my own fiction. I quickly learned, that that isn't always how it works. You have to gain experience, learn, make mistakes, and grow before having the funds, and sometimes talent to completely do your own thing. I love writing for a company. It scared me when I first sat down on my first day. That blank screen was one of the most daunting things I have ever seen, but now, I look forward to the time I have to write about whatever the topic is that day. I enjoy the challenge of writing about something I know absolutely nothing about. Every day I learn so much, pretty soon I am going to be a walking talking supply of random facts nobody ever wanted to know.

I probably won't be writing on here as often. I mean not that once every month was often, but still. I'll write about the important things that happen.

This post probably seems pretty sporadic, that's because I'm having a full conversation while writing it. Impressed? You should be.

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