Tuesday, December 11, 2012

I'm doing this for the job

I decided to start a blog. Not because I live a particularly interesting life or have something profound to say to the world. Today I went and listened to a copywriters meeting and one of the copywriters told me that the way they first broke into writing was somebody stumbling on her blog. They liked her writing style and hired her after that. Although I don't think that is the norm, I figure this can't hurt. So to my future employer, this is for you. Right after I got out of the meeting I called Kyle and told him my plan. Of course being the loving supporting husband he is his first response was, "YOU are going to write a blog?! Tu blague" I have to admit, to an extent I agree with him. What really do I have to offer to the online world that isn't already there? Basically nothing. The second part of what he said stuck with me more. In French "tu blague" means "you joke". How witty is that since it's pronounced the same as blog?! There are new unique ways of saying things that nobody has before, you just need to find them. I figure the world can only benefit by reading from the perspective of an English major right? At least that's what we tell ourselves. So here's to brain vomit blogging!

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