Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Bruges Waffles & Fries

Anybody whose ever met Kyle knows he loves to talk to France. I'm not kidding. You could be talking about something completely different, unrelated, and off topic, yet somehow it all fits. He loves everything from the culture to the sites, to almost anything else you could imagine. The little bit I can speak and understand isn't enough to fluently keep up a conversation. There have been a surprising number of times while out running errands we have overheard somebody speaking French and the next twenty minutes is dedicated to chasing them around finding the perfect moment to slip in and begin a conversation. Luckily everybody has been really nice and excited to talk so far, one of these encounters even led to a job offer as a translator. For a couple of months, he was able to spend some time in Belgium, which has forever changed his opinion on waffles and fries. It became a science, the techniques behind the cooking.

A couple of weeks ago I was looking around and found a review of a place called Bruges Waffles & Fries. I had never heard of it before, although it was featured on Man Vs. Food a few seasons back. After reading a little about the place, I knew it would be perfect. Pierre Vandamme, the owner was originally from Bruges, Belgium, but started a waffle cart in Salt Lake in 2004. Now there are three different locations. We decided to try out the Sugar House location, first calling up the family food connoisseur, aka Kyle's sister, her husband, and his other sister.
This is the only picture I could get everybody to take. If Jordan would have been there we probably would have had a whole posts worth :)

The waffles and the frites were both amazing. The only disappointment for Kyle was that there was nobody there that spoke French. We got the machine gun, which is basically a delicious heart attack waiting to happen, and a Liege waffle.

The machine gun was a lamb sausage inside a french baguette with a healthy, or rather unhealthy serving of frites and a special mayonnaise on top. We only split one and it was almost too much! In fact, it was too much for the fork

I'm not exactly sure what Kayla, Dave, and Kitroen got, but it was equally good.

Anybody looking for a change of scenery from the mundane burgers and fries should definitely check this place out. I highly recommend it!